Axillary Crunches Size 3 (Pair)


The most important feature of any Rehabilitation Aid is its ability to provide maximum support without causing any further discomfort to patient, already in pain. Our lightweight Axillary crutches help correct and or treat painful conditions effectively.
These crutches have an anatomical grip, designed to support the palm and spread the pressure, for increasing comfort.
Adjustable hand grip. Non-slip rubber tips provide good traction. Built-in metal ring prevents excessive wear and ensures maximum durability
Reinforcement foot piece provides maximum strength. Unbreakable silencing collar increases stress tolerance at all angles without cracking and reduces noise and vibrations
These Elbow Crutches are a versatile product, being adjustable in a number of ways and coming in a number of sizes to ensure each individual can find their perfect fit. The handles are adjustable with a bolt, allowing them to comfortably fit each individual’s specific torso.